• Currently, the only TB vaccine in use is BCG (Bacille Calmette Guerin), a weakened strain of the bacteria that causes TB, developed more than 90 years ago and administered globally for over 50 years. However, the global epidemic of TB is proof to the ineffectiveness of this vaccine. If you would like to learn more about tuberculosis listen to this TED talk.

  • We are developing a booster vaccine (a vaccine that will make previously vaccinated people have a stronger immune system against Tuberculosis), that is administered by breathing a fine mist through a mouthpiece into the lungs instead of being injected.

  • This vaccine will also help in the fight against multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.


  • McMaster University Scientists are working hard to produce a new vaccine that boosts the immune reaction against the causative agent that causes tuberculosis in adults (Mycobacterium tuberculosis or M.tb).


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